Domains We have Served

Manufacturing (ERP)

In today's competition, manufacturers need, not only to improve the efficiency, but to also control cost. Our integrated ERP solutions addresses the needs of Sales, Purchase, Supply Chain, Inventory, Warehouse, Delivery, Production, Capacity Planning and Accounting with additional add-ons such as BI & Data Analytics, HR/PayRoll, DMS, etc.

Energy (Oil & Gas)

We have done quite a few Projects for Oil & Gas Exploration & Distribution Companies. We have good domain knowledge for this Industrial sector i.e. Exploration (Drilling/Well Services/Cost Estimation, etc.), Operational as well as Distribution.


We have provided our IT services to the three biggest Telecom companies here in Thailand. We have good business knowledge of operations of Telecom/Mobile Phone operators in areas such as Customer care, Subscription, Billing & Payment, Promotions, Integration with other partner companies' promotion services, etc.

Trading (Local, Ex/Imp)

Our solution caters to all specific needs of trading companies which deal with buying and selling (local/overseas). Modules include Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Inventory/Stock, Shipping/Despatch etc.

Diamond/Gems Trading

The Diamond Trading and Color Stone Trading is a different kind of business altogether. The functionalities include handling of Purchase/Memo[In/Out] or Consignments, Sales, Cutting, Mixing, Assortment, etc.

Textile Industry

Textile Industry is unique in many ways and generic solutions do not meet its business-specific needs. Our solutions cater to requirements of all segments of Textile e.g Yarn, Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Garment manufacturing etc.

User Authentication/Smart ID

ID Proofing along with the Smart Digital Platform provides effective user-authentication (Multi/2FA, OTP/Push Notification) together with PKI-based authentication provides a peace of mind.

Logistics / Transportation

Our solutions take care of logistic operations. One of the solutions deals with handling of operations related to Container Transportation.

Quality Management System

We have an experienced team with expertise in coaching for Quality Management Systems.

Our Products & Services

Our Products :


* ERP for Manufacturing



* Dimond/Gems Trading

* HR/Payroll

* ERP for Textiles/ Garments

* Transportation/ Logistics

* Training Management System

* Smart ID Solutions

* AI based Document Automation

* ChatBot

* Mobility / Geofencing

* ERP for Higher Education

* Manufacturing Control System

Partners :

Our Services :


Outsourced Software Development

We have an offshore Software Application Development model where we take responsibility of developing solutions on an offsite/onsite mode. We have development teams in two countries.

Industry-Specific Customized Solutions

We have provided many of our customers business-specific software applications. Most of the Oil & Gas Companies (Energy sector) were provided with such solutions.

Scientific Applications (Algorithm based)

We have also developed applications which use scientific algorithms and statistical methods to get the desired results (e.g. Cpk based analysis, Laplace and Fourier Transforms, Linear Programming, Interpolation, Extrapolation). These applications have been provided to High Precision Electronics Manufacturing companies.

DBA Consulting

We have also have expertise on Database Consulting. These include:

  • DBA Admin Tasks
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Migration
  • Recommendations and coaching for good database design and maintenance

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services are focussed on the following:

  • IT Road Map
  • IT Audit
  • IT Policies
  • Product / Solution Selection
  • Cyber Security
  • IT related Cost optimisation

Implementation Partner

We are the implementation partner of various vertical solutions from overseas. We always look for new products having an edge in the market.

Some of Our Clients

About Us

Our History

Wisdom got established, Primary Focus was on Client Specific IT Projects execution and Manpower support.

Business Domains served include Oil & Gas, High Precision Electronics Manufacturing, etc.

Started Developing our own software products for Logistics & HR/Payroll.

Developed our own product for Gems & Diamond Trading.

Established partnerships with Companies, from US and Europe, having verticals (Industry Specific Solutions) for Manufacturing as well as for Trading.

Developed our own CRM solution (focus: sales/distribution).

Included a Partner's solution & services for Quality Management (ISO/OHSAS, etc.) from India in our portfolio.

Implemented advanced ERP solutions at various Manufacturing companies.

Partnered for vertical ERP solution from Europe for Textile companies.

Partnered for vertical i.e. Mobility & IOT Solutions from US.

Partnered for vertical solution Smart Digital Identity & Security Solutions from Europe.

Partered with a Management Consulting company from US for serving clients in ASEAN countries, specially in Banking & Insurance Sector.

Who We Are

We, Wisdom Information Systems Co., Ltd., are a Bangkok based Thai IT Company established in 1996. We primarily deal in providing software solutions to our customers in various industrial sectors. We have expertise on implementation of legacy vertical products from partners, as well as in development of customized applications as per client’s business-specific needs.

Please have a look at our tack record under "Our History".

In addition to projects, we have also served our clients with outsouring of skilled resources, specially in cases where the client prefer to carry out the project by themsleves and they are short of skilled manpower.

A few years ago we have also established operations in India to be more competitive in terms of pricing and reach in the global market.

FAQ - Outsourcing

Frequently Asked Questions : 

1. Why Should I Outsource my Project ? What are the advantages?

Around 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use outsourcing for their IT needs. The visionary clients do agree and have enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing. The benefits can be enlisted as below :

  • It reduces :

    • Difficulty in having skilled manpower to support your IT Projects at a reasonable cost
    • Difficulty in meeting peak demands for software development.
    • Operating Cost
    • Reduced Risk
  • It increases :

    • Ability to control the Payroll cost with regards to IT projects/Software Solution
    • Access to a wider pool of Skilled Resources
    • Access to New Technology trends
    • Improve Company Focus primarily on your business
    • Free Resources for Other Purpose
    • Quality software solution in a shorter Timeframe
    • Increase Flexibility to meet changing business conditions
    • Ability to turn fixed costs into variable need-based costs
2. For how long has Wisdom been in IT business?

25+ Years (established in 1996)

3. What kind of services does Wisdom provide?

Services we can provide :

  • Outsourced Software Development
  • Industry Specific Customized Solutions
  • Re-engineering of Applications
  • Database Admin (Warehousing, Performance Tuning, Recovery)
  • Migration to New Technology based Application
  • Scientific Applications (Algorithm based)
  • Management Consulting (IT RoadMap, IT Audit, IT Policies)
  • Product Development
  • Technical Document Writing
4. Are you a core Development Company or do you also market/sell products from other companies?

Primarily, we are a software development company. Over the period of last ten years we have developed good products. We are the implementation Partner regarding some of the verticals from our partners. However our core strength lies in Software Development.

5. Has your team worked on overseas projects?

Yes, our team has working experience on multiple Overseas Projects.

6. Can your employees communicate in English?

Yes, almost all of our staff have excellent communication skills. All of the senior level employees (Project Coordinator, Project Leader and Team leaders) are fluent in English.

7. Where will the Developer team be located? Can we visit them?

We have two centers: Thailand & India. Depending of the nature of project and requirements, we allocate tasks to teams at either of these centers. Primarily the projects are assigned to the Bangkok team. You are very much welcome to Thailand, the land of smiles to enjoy the professional as well as cultural environment here.

8. How will I communicate with the offshore software developers?

We can choose the different communication methods, such as Remote Meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.), FTP, Email, Instant Messenger (Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Viber, etc.) as per need.

9. How can I know the real cost of the project if I decide to outsource it to Wisdom?

Pricing depends on the scope, size, and complexity of the project. You can expect attractive costs from us as compared to utilizing equally qualified resources you can find locally. We can discuss the scope of work at macro level and we will give you an estimate on pricing.

10. Can Wisdom sign a Confidentiality agreement i.e. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with us?

Yes. We honour the confidentiality of the client's business information and we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

11. Do you provide Manuals in hard copies?

No, we provide Manuals and Training Material only in soft copies. If clients insist to have the hard copies, we charge separately.

12. Is the code documented?

Yes, we document the code properly as it helps for future enhancements.

13. How will I be updated about the project?

We provide our clients a weekly or fortnightly (depending on the type, size and needs of the project) status report as a routine feature. Clients will have one contact point to discuss the progress on the project.

14. Why should I choose Thailand for my outsourcing needs?

The ICT ministry in Thai government has taken steps to encourage the local IT companies to become global in term of the clients base. Software Park Thailand under the guidance of Dr Rom has been very pro-active export the capabilities of Thai IT companies. Delegates from Wisdom have also visited foreign countries under the banner of SW Park Thailand and have registered our presence in the overseas market.

Contact us

Wisdom Information Systems Co., Ltd.

208/5 Ladprao Soi 126, Ladprao Road, Plub Pla, Wangthonglang

Bangkok - 10310, Thailand

Tel : +66-29340451/52/53